Conference Venue

The DASIM conference takes place at

Fachbereich 08 - Biologie und Chemie
New Chemistry Building/Neubau Chemie
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17 & 19
D-35392 Gießen

Floorplan for download

How to get to Giessen:

By air:

Giessen is close to the international airport Frankfurt. From Frankfurt Airport there is a train connection every ½ hour (one change at Frankfurt Main Station) Travel time 1 hour.
Inside the terminal, please follow the signs down to the train station below the airport (the train station is below Terminal 1; if you arrive at Terminal 2 you have to go to Terminal 1 via SkyLine, which is free of charge). You can either buy the train ticket to Giessen at the desk you pass on your way down to the platforms or directly at the machines at the platform (the RMV - the local public transport company - code for Giessen is 1501). You have to take a train (normally S-Bahn) to Frankfurt Central Station (roughly every 10 to 15 minutes). At Frankfurt Central Station you will arrive at one of the underground platforms. To change trains, you have to go upstairs to the main platforms. There, the best is to take the so-called Regional Express (RE) to Giessen (operating with about half hour tact), the travelling time is about forty minutes.

By car:

Inside the terminal, there are offices of all international as well as some local car rental companies. After getting the car, follow the signs to the direction Kassel or Hannover, this will bring you to the A5 (Autobahn - highway - number 5) going north.

How to find the Conference Venue

City map for download

After arriving at Giessen Central Station you can either take a taxi or a bus, or have a 20 minutes walk.

By taxi:

A taxi you will find just in front of the train station waiting for you. Tell the driver the address Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17 and tell him that this is the Neubau Chemie.

By bus:

Busses are departing in front of the station look for Stadtbuslinien (city busses). Take bus number 10 (Direction Philosophikum) get off at the stop Naturwissenschaften from here it’s only 10 meters to reach our venue the New Chemistry building on the right side. We will signpost the entrance. Take a look on the top of this page to familiarize with the photos of the building to easily recognize.

If you stay in a hotel in town and you are close to the bus stop market place you can take bus number 3 to Schwarzacker or 13 to Dyalisezentrum (don't get confused with the same busses to the opposite direction, which is Friedhof). You have to leave the bus at the stop Zahnklinik. Now, follow the street a few meters in the opposite direction of the bus. At this point, you are already able to see the old biology building, it's the big orange and grey building in front of you at your right hand. After about 50 meters at the next crossing, turn right. Now you are at the Heinrich-Buff-Ring. After another few meters, take the small street at the right. Follow the ring to the right until you reach the new chemistry building (Neubau Chemie).

Bus map for download

Walking (20 minutes):

If you prefer walking, use the pedestrian bridge to cross the railways, follow the Friedrichstraße, cross the Frankfurter Straße and continue straight ahead. After 250 meters you will reach a crossing, cross the Röntgenstraße and continue following the Friedrichstraße. After another 250 meters you will reach the Leihgesterner Weg. Go to the right now. After 100 meters you cross the Aulweg, continue straight ahead. Another 500 meters and you have passed the parking area of the Naturwissenschaften (Physik/Chemie). After the parking area, turn right to the Heinrich-Buff-Ring and after some 100 meters you have reached entrance to the new chemistry building.

Arriving by car:

When arriving by car, you will be either on the A5 going north or south, on the A45 going north or south-east, on the B49 going east or the B3/A485 going south. All of them will lead you to the Giessener Ring (a highway ring around Giessen), but at different positions. Follow the Giessener Ring until you reach the exit Uni-Klinikum, it is south to Giessen (you may want to have a look on a city map; don't get confused with other exits e.g. Licher Straße or Schiffenberger Weg claiming to lead you to the University, they will lead you to some part of the University, but not to the Naturwissenschaften). After leaving the Giessener Ring, at the first crossing, turn right into the Robert-Sommer-Straße. Follow this street until it ends, then turn again right into the Schubertstraße and a few meters later left into the Aulweg. Follow this street until it crosses the Leihgesterner Weg (second crossing with traffic lights), there turn right. Follow this street until you see the sign indicating the parking area for Naturwissenschaften (Physik/Chemie) at the right side. Enter the parking area and turn left to the part belonging to the physics department. Follow the parking area until it ends. The big grey building now close to you is the physics building. Behind the physics building (from the point of view of the parking area) you will find the new chemistry building.

For detailed information on the location of the new chemistry building you can have a look on the interactive map provided by the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen.