Call for papers

Submission of abstracts for sessions

Starting by 5 November 2018, you are cordially invited to submit an abstract for your planned contribution to the conference in the form of a poster or an oral presentation.

Please ensure that your submission arrives by 28 January 2019 CET at the latest.

How to submit an abstract

You will have to register first in order to submit a paper online.
Everybody is entitled to submit 1 talk and 1 poster. To submit an abstract of your contribution, please follow the instructions on the online submission form and fill in the appropriate fields.
The length of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters (including spaces).

The themes are given below. Please select the corresponding scientific session where your talk/poster might fit in best.

From functional genes to functional guilds – the main actors in focus

Soil heterogeneity – a hard nut to crack in every respect

Illuminating soil N transformation processes – drivers, effectors, interactions

What’s new? – Advances in methods, analytical tools and modeling at various scales

The real world – N losses and mitigation strategies in agricultural ecosystems